TFG: Design and implementation of a geolocation tag for 5G communications

With the rise of automation in industry and the great development of AI and IoT comes
Industry 5.0, in which the emphasis is on collaboration between machines and humans
to improve productivity and efficiency.

With the arrival of industry 5.0 comes the need to develop new devices that can meet their needs. The HUMAIN project, on which this work is based, was born from this need.

This TFG has consisted of the research and design of a geolocation tag for industry 5.0, for which the following phases have been carried out:

First, the bases of IoT, industry 5.0 and 5G have been investigated, achieving a better understanding of the project to be carried out. Then, design decisions have been established following the concepts obtained in the research and the product specifications, and an investigation of the components available on the market has been carried out taking into account these decisions.

From this, the components have been chosen and the schematic design and layout of the board has been carried out, and, finally, the soldering of the board has been made, reaching a first prototype.