LEACH and LEACH-APP for Castalia

As a part of one of our members’ thesis, we have developed a complete implementation of the well-known LEACH protocol for WSNs and of our proposed LEACH-APP variant. Both implementations are designed for the WSN simulator Castalia, in its last released version 3.3.

The implementation of the original LEACH protocol is fully based on a previous one by A. Pires and C. Silva from the Federal University of Para, Brazil, authors of this article. We upgraded their implementation to make it compatible with the last version of Castalia, as well as fixing some issues and completing some of its features. Our proposed LEACH-APP protocol is described in detail in the article entitled “An Application-Aware Clustering Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks to Provide QoS Management”, available here. Both implementations are available as a stand-alone package along with the full Castalia 3.3 source code. They belong to the Routing module of the simulator and are located in the corresponding folder.


If necessary, please refer to the installation manual and user guide of Castalia, available here.

Our implementation was compiled and tested with OMNeT++ version 4.6, the newest version of OMNeT++ compatible with Castalia, under Ubuntu 18.04.