Our Projects

The B105 lab participates in a lot of different R&D projects with our several partners. They are mainly focused on our areas of expertise, i.e. embedded systems and wireless sensor networks, although they often feature some supplementary fields such as radar technology or app development. According to the source of their funding our projects can belong to the following categories.


National Program for Research

This type of projects are directly financed by the Spanish government. Their main source of funding comes from “PLAN NACIONAL”, a series of grants awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Their objective is to encourage and promote highly-innovative scientific and technical research.
Some of the projects that the B105 lab has carried out from this category have to do with security and reliability on WSNs.

Funded by external companies

This kind of projects are done in association with our multiple collaborators. Generally these partners are private companies interested in outsourcing some of their R&D to a more specialized team such as our lab.
The topics covered by these projects are very diverse and have historically ranged from road condition observation to construction safety or environment monitoring.

Public programs for innovation

A number of our projects are funded by the several kinds of research consortium opportunities offered by the Spanish government or the European Union. Some of these types of grants are “RETOS COLABORACION”, “AESSD”, “Estrategia Regional de Investigación e Innovación para una Especialización Inteligente (RIS3) de la Comunidad de Madrid”, etc. Each kind has different purposes and requirements, but what most of them have in common is the collaboration between private companies and public entities such as our lab.
The topics covered by this type of projects are intended to be aligned with our know-how and research lines, so they feature WSNs, embedded systems, etc.

Active projects