Desarrollo e integración de nuevos servicios para sistemas IoT de recolección y gestión de grandes datos

At the present time a massive amount of data is being generated by many kinds of devices such as wearables, mobile phones, temperature or humidity sensors and many others. Data could be treated and represented in order to understand and analyse the information the carry within it. The aim of this project is to carry out the software development needed to bring new utilities to the data management and representation platform deployed in the B105 Electronic Systems Lab. Data used by the platform is generated on an IoT environment by different type of sensors. There are many tools developed by third parties in charge of data management and representation, but this project pretends to extend the system developed in the B105 Electronic Systems Lab based on an own web service.

In other to achieve the objectives of this project, some new utilities are going to be developed and the bugs of the previous versions of the platform will be corrected. These include the implementation, among others, of: an authentication mechanism to the platform, a system to export and import data in a simple way or a system to calculate some data statistics. To do so, JavaScript will be used in addition to client-server and server-databases communications.